ACTV Citizen Journalism Workshop

June-August, 2015

ACTV’s citizen journalism workshop is a wonderful opportunity for EcoLab’s alumni’s personal and professional development. Guided by excellent specialists, they learn to analyze media products and get acquainted with alternative media tools. Why and how are mass media products created? Whose interests are they serving? Which media supports public interests and helps form public opinion, and how can these media survive these days.
Three of EcoLab alumni are involved in the groups of eight young activists from different parts of Armenia who were selected to participate in this workshop throughout June-August 2015. They gain theoretical knowledge and learn to develop a critical approach towards mass media video products, they watch the process of creating media products; and have an opportunity for creating their own video materials on topics of their choice.
Now all the eight students have chosen the following topic: “What are the factors that made population (different age and professional groups) either migrate or stay in their hometowns”.  Each is preparing video materials from their town or village, which will be joined in one series.

ACTV is a project of  cultural-creative organization, and aims at using art as a tool to study, analyze, present and take part in creating physical, theoretical and virtual public spaces, as well as becoming an alternative platform for the development of these processes.